Did You Know? Huge Titles Are Trendy.

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Turn It Up Digital | Understanding Gary Illyes’ Content Creation Tips
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Understanding Gary Illyes’ Content Creation Tips

Understanding Gary Illyes’ Content Creation Tips

  • Today’s generations have lower attention spans.
  • Long paragraphs of content are less likely to keep readers on the page.
  • We need to write toward the web, and keep things snappy and easy to digest.
  • I believe that wholly depends on who your target audience is.


Gary’s Talk

Gary recently delivered 2 keynote speeches: one at PubCon in Vegas, and another at SMX in Jerusalem, where I presented on link acquisition tactics. His primary theme was that we are living in impatient times, and today’s youth are likely to leave your webpage at a moment’s notice. As a result, we need to find ways to keep them engaged.

Gary stressed the notion of ‘writing toward the web’, by delivering information to readers in a pleasant and valuable manner. This includes writing in a shorter, bite-sized prose, so that a reader will be able to easily read and digest your page’s content in a fluid manner.

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