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Turn It Up Digital | SEO Audit: Keds.com
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SEO Audit: Keds.com

SEO Audit: Keds.com

A Quick Glance at Keds’ Ranking

I have fond memories of wearing Keds when I was a kid. It’s been a while since I owned a pair, so I took a look in Google to see how the company that was founded in 1916 was doing. Turns out, not so great. I was kind of surprised, as Keds is one of the biggest shoe and sneaker brands in the U.S. In a search for ‘shoes’, Keds did not appear in the top 300 pages listed! And a search for ‘sneakers’ yielded only a 35th place ranking. In just two more years, Keds will turn 100, and I’m concerned that they are falling to the wayside in the fast moving world of SEO and inbound marketing.

keds logo

And although the Keds site looks sleek, I had a hunch that their technical makeup was flawed. After a quick dive into their site with my co-worker Rachel, we found some pretty big SEO problems whose solutions could significantly help Keds’ internet presence.


The homepage of a site is arguably the most important page for any domain, because it accrues strength and equity from all sub-pages and sub-domains. That is why it is important for the homepage to work properly, and ideally return a 200 status code. When I entered Keds.com, it returned a 302 status code, which I found to be rather alarming.

Read the full audit here.

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