Did You Know? Huge Titles Are Trendy.

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Turn It Up Digital | Multi-Pronged Approach to ASO
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Multi-Pronged Approach to ASO

Multi-Pronged Approach to ASO

If SEO is considered black magic, then ASO should be akin to dark sorcery that the majority of the world will never understand.

The thing is, SEO is nothing of the sort. There is no black magic. Sure, there is black hat, but hardly any respectable search agency dabbles in that anymore. Nowadays, SEO is a broad combination of great content, technical auditing and fine tuning, and coordination with PR.

ASO, on some level, is rather similar. To succeed in ASO is to set up a multi-pronged approach in which one attempts to conquer many facets, including keyword research, SEO, PR, social sharing, and app updates. And with 63% of all (iOS) downloads happening as a result of app store browsing, ASO is crucial. Let’s break down each section:

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