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Turn It Up Digital | Huffington Post: How to Save Twitter (Guest Article)
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Huffington Post: How to Save Twitter (Guest Article)

Huffington Post: How to Save Twitter (Guest Article)

Yep, you read that title correctly. Shut the whole thing down. Turn off Twitter for 24 hours.

Don’t do it in a confusing “ugh I think Chrome is acting up do I really need to open Firefox now” Soprano’s finale-style which leaves people thinking that there is a technical glitch. Make it clear that the Twitter brass have decided to shut it down.

The logistics and execution are paramount, so here is what you should do, Jack Dorsey:

The Plan

Send out a press release that Twitter will be going offline for 24 hours, 1 week from the announcement. Create a large banner on the header of the site announcing the time and date of the shutdown.

When the time and date arrives, make it such that every Twitter page is blank, save for the following message:

“Twitter has shut down for 24 hours. Stay tuned.”, alongside a countdown timer.

The Thought Process

Do you think the world will notice? How about the Twittersphere, or lack thereof?

People often talk about breaking the internet, and though some have tried, it has yet to truly happen. The question is, what would happen if the world’s 10th biggest website shut down for 24 hours, on purpose?

There would be an uproar. A gigantic outpouring of media and publicity.

“What the hell are they thinking??”

“They are going to lose a ton of traffic and revenue!”

“Their stock price will plummet!”

The blogosphere would be upended. Perhaps Facebook and Instagram usage would spike. Maybe someone creates a new makeshift Twitter in the meantime. Essentially, everyone would be talking about Twitter – but they wouldn’t have Twitter to express their opinion on the matter in a live forum. Talk about meta.

By shutting down Twitter for 24 hours, people’s immediate inclination will be to Live-Tweet the event, or at least try to, but on other, worse platforms.

It will be precisely during this 24 hour period that Twitter users, and, I believe, many non-Twitter users will experience an epiphany and suddenly appreciate Twitter’s absence from what would normally be an utterly seismic Twitter-necessary event. (And if you argue that people already acknowledge Twitter’s dominance of the live happening-sphere, then I ask you to consider the recently signed NFL deal, which could bring in or bring back hundreds of millions of users, all new or somewhat new to Twitter).

In addition to the epiphany, there is the obvious PR gambit. Let’s say that the Twitter shutdown is scheduled to end on Wednesday 2 PM EST. What do you think Twitter’s traffic will be like at 2:01?

Read the rest of the article on the Huffington Post.

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